When you're looking for a vehicle that can surprise you with all of the benefits that it can afford you, then you should take a look at the SUVs on the market today. SUVs have gained popularity over the last couple of decades, and manufacturers are making them even better than ever in the last few years. Check out these benefits that we at Landmark Chrysler Jeep Inc in Springfield, IL want to show you.

If you think that SUVs are gas guzzlers, think again. Today, SUVs are made to get great gas mileage, with some models being rated as getting up to 30 mpg on the highways.

You'll also love that an SUV has the ability to ford higher standing water than a sedan, most of which will get stuck in anything over 18 inches in depth. Some SUVs can drive through up to 36 inches of water, which will be enough clearance to brave the outdoors during a flood.

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