Your tires and wheels are essential parts of your vehicle, so what do you do when there's a problem with them? Despite being simple parts, tires and wheels can actually be pretty expensive to repair and replace, so if you're looking for ways to preemptively save on repair costs, we might have what you're looking for here at Landmark Chrysler Jeep Inc.

Mopar Vehicle Protection is a plan we offer that can save you lots of money in the long run. Not only are your factory tires protected in the event of needing to be replaced or repaired, but you'll also receive other benefits. These include a signing bonus of one hundred dollars, as well as the coverage of any damage done by road hazards.

To find out more about this protection plan, schedule an appointment by reaching out to us here, at Landmark Chrysler Jeep Inc! Our team is eager and waiting to help you learn more.

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